Finding a way to Do it Yourself

It is frustrating to think that hiring a professional is the only option for creating the home of your dreams. General contractors and other building professionals can be expensive and saving up for their services will delay your project. I know that I have put off projects for years because I did not know where to begin! But what other choice does the average homeowner have? I personally have not been educated in the trades of plumbing, electrical, or even drywall techniques!

Take classes at a local home improvement store

Check stores in your area for class offerings. Large home improvement stores often have rotating weekend classes that cover many different home improvement topics. You can learn how to install molding, lay tile, paint a room, or use different power tools for example. The classes are specifically tailored to people who do not have a ton of experience in home improvement or renovations. Often when you purchase items for a specific project, sealing a new wood deck for example, an associate will direct you to their class on how to properly complete the project aligned with your recent purchase.

These classes are helpful because you can ask questions and often gain hands on experience before ever setting foot in your own home. Imagine all of the headaches and frustrating days this can save! Of course, these classes are not in depth or geared towards more skilled projects like installing a new electrical circuit or fixing a broken plumbing line, but you will be able to gain a basic understanding in many areas of home improvement. Once you have a good foundation, completing more home improvement projects yourself will seem like an exciting adventure instead of a painful chore.

Utilize online resources

Online guides can serve as textbooks for learning new home improvement skills. It does take some time to sift through incorrect, and sometimes dangerous, information in order to find truly helpful resources to complete your projects. However, there are many great home improvement resources out there. Quality sites like DIY Extra – UK DIY Guides give step by step instructions explaining the way to complete your project successfully. Their guides often include high quality images to help you with your project. This website has in depth guides for complicated areas such as plumbing and electrical work. Reading through these guide categories before beginning a difficult project will help you feel more confidant and complete the project. Safety is a major component whenever your are working with home improvements. Reading up and educating yourself with expert information is crucial. You can also find fun and informative guides on interior decorating and gardening. You can even find tips and tricks on how to deal with issues that arise during a home improvement project, like mold and mildew where you were not expecting it!



My name is Amanda, and I have lived in the New Mexico desert my whole life. I love to be outdoors and have taken the inspiration I find in nature into my home decoration and renovation projects. I let these eclectic and bohemian styles influence the renovations and design projects in my home. Growing fruits and vegetables, canning, and preserving them is a growing passion of mine, and I chronicle my journies through writing full time. When I am not blogging or remodeling at home, I love to be outdoors hiking or camping with my husband and three dogs, as well as tending to my gardens at home.

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