Get Fabulous Kitchen Counters Without Breaking the Bank

Kitchen countertops are one of the first things that buyers notice when walking through the space. There are many options for replacing countertops ranging from laminate to upscale granite slabs, but with a small investment of time, you will not need to spend enormous amounts of money to whip your kitchen into top shape. A few options for covering up those old laminate kitchen counters yourself are tile, epoxy,  paint, and even currency!

Custom Tile Counter-tops

With tile, you can purchase materials like granite for a more affordable price than obtaining a slab. Tile can also look like marble or be chosen to complement the other colours in the space. This quick counter makeover has many customization options without breaking the bank. Mid-range tile will cost around £20-£25 per square metre. Depending on how much counter space you are covering, one or two square metres may be all you need!

There will be some time investment required for this kitchen remodel. Special adhesives can be used to tile right on top of old countertops. The key is to make the existing countertop as rough as possible as rough as possible so that the mastic and tile will stick. Once you have the supplies, it is just a matter of deciding on the placement, cutting the tile to fit your space, and then installing.

Decorating a Counter Top with Coins

A new fashion in interior design is using coins as tile replacements in floors and tables. This decorating trend could extend to kitchen countertops quickly. All that is needed is to prepare the counters in the same way that you would for tile.  US Pennies are a popular choice for creating these eclectic countertops; however, you could use anything that you like. The coins are placed in the mortar just like tiles and grouted once the mortar dries. One difference between this material and tile is that currency countertops should be sealed with a clear epoxy or polyurethane coat to seal them properly.

Painting Counter tops

As long as your existing counters are level and relatively intact, you can use paint to spruce up the look and feel of your kitchen by creating a faux granite or marble surface. Just like any painting project, this will require thorough preparation of the counter surface, so the paint will adhere. Oil based paints will stick best to laminate surfaces that have been meticulously cleaned, sanded and roughed up, and then cleaned once more to remove any traces of dust or debris. Then your counters can be primed and painted in the fashion that best fits the decor of the house. Sealing the paint in with a polyurethane top coat will protect your work and create a lasting finish.

Colored Epoxy Kitchen Counter-Tops

Just like with most of the other options for covering your kitchen counters, the first step for creating an epoxy countertop is to prep the existing counters. This includes sanding them thoroughly and cleaning to make sure no dust, dirt, or debris are left. Additionally, because epoxy has a tendency to drip, all of the kitchen cabinets and floors should be covered with plastic. Pour the epoxy material out onto the prepared countertop and roll it out to cover completely. Start with the top, and then roll the coating down onto the edges. Depending on the colour variations or designs that you want on your countertop, there may be a primer coat, a base coat, and any highlight colours. Epoxy needs time to dry between coats, and once it has stopped dripping you will need to go back and scrape up the drips from the edges.

These techniques are simple and beautiful ways to add a variety of looks and feels to your kitchen for a lower cost than replacing the entire countertops.


My name is Amanda, and I have lived in the New Mexico desert my whole life. I love to be outdoors and have taken the inspiration I find in nature into my home decoration and renovation projects. I let these eclectic and bohemian styles influence the renovations and design projects in my home. Growing fruits and vegetables, canning, and preserving them is a growing passion of mine, and I chronicle my journies through writing full time. When I am not blogging or remodeling at home, I love to be outdoors hiking or camping with my husband and three dogs, as well as tending to my gardens at home.

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