Ideas for Flea Market Chairs

There’s something that I’ve noticed as I look through decorating magazines and books… a chair can make a huge difference in a room!

The most appealing bedrooms and bathrooms have a single chair somewhere in the room, offering a place to rest, do your nails, put on socks, write at a table, etc.

So would you like to add this to your decor, without spending a fortune?

Check out flea markets and garage sales! You’ll find plenty of stray chairs to dining room sets or patio furniture. Paint will easily fix up the wood or metal frame. And almost anyone can re-cover the seat of most chairs. If you flip it upside down, you’ll usually see a few screws holding it on… take them out, and you’ll see that it’s just a square of fabric, wrapped around the edges of the chair and stapled on with a staple gun!

Are you having a hard time imagining this?

Picture a standard country-style dining room chair… wooden legs, wood slat back, and a fabric covered seat. Now imagine the wood painted ivory, and an ivory damask fabric overing the seat! Now it’s beautiful and elegant! Or picture the seat in an ivory duck cloth, and the wood painted green… brand-new looking country! Or paint the wood white, and re-cover the seat in a floral fabric for shabby chic. You can even achieve a contemporary look with black paint and black and white stripe fabric.

What would work in your home?


After living in various countries across Europe Lola settled back in Philadelphia where she spends her time reading and writing about property and interior design.

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